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Date: October 7, 2018
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Florist and Photographer information


Grandville United Methodist Church wedding policy---Photographer and Florist information page


Church’s wedding equipment shown below- adjustable 7-branch candelabra and unity candle holder on altar table.  Altar table, communion rail, as well as the pulpit and lectern may not be removed.


NO flowers, plants, or candles of any type may be placed on top of the ledge behind the altar table.  This ledge contains a large projection screen.  If the screen is damaged in any way, you, your florist, or your photographer (if they place items there for pictures) will be held liable for the repair and or replacement of the screen.


Church staff controls lighting of the sanctuary and no auxiliary lighting is permitted.  No flash photography is permitted during the ceremony.    Remember, your wedding ceremony is also a worship service.  The only exceptions to this rule are during the processional and recessional of the couple and their attendants.  No cameras of any type are allowed beyond the communion rail during the service. 


Videotaping- the video camera operator should remain in a stationary position, preferably in the back of the sanctuary next to the sound equipment, or in the outside aisles on the north and south sides of the building. 


No food or beverages of any type (this also applies to bottled water) may be brought into the sanctuary at any time.  This means before, during, or after the rehearsal, the picture-taking time before or after the ceremony, or the ceremony itself.  This also applies to photographers and musicians.


The church has its own 7 branch candelabra, unity candle stand, candle lighters, and guest bookstand.  The 7 branch candelabra are adjustable to either an angled shape- /  , or a ^ ^ shape.  See above photo.  We provide white, liquid fuel burning candles for them-any other color candles must be provided by the bride.  If other candles or candelabra are provided by your florist, plastic must be placed under them to protect the sanctuary carpet from melting candle wax.  The church’s unity candle stand may be placed on the altar- it holds two taper candles and one large pillar candle 3" in diameter; these three candles must be provided by the bride and groom. The center unity candle shown in the photo above is 3” in diameter and 9” tall.


The center aisle has 13 pews per side, and needs an aisle runner at least 75 feet long.  If your flower girl will drop fresh flower petals, an aisle runner is required.  Pew bows should be attached with clips or filament tape only, no duct tape, masking tape, adhesive tape or floral clay is permitted.  Only pew candles with battery operated candles are allowed, however the method of attaching them to the pews must follow the same guidelines as pew bows.   Please make sure your florist is aware of these specifics regarding pew bows, and other decorations used in the sanctuary.   The church is not liable for any damage to your florist’s equipment left in the building once the wedding is over.                                                                       

Last update 4-11-17



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